Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lesson Learned About Fuel

We often forget about how important "fuel" for our bodies can be when we're doing endurance activities.

This post on the Run To The Finish blog is a reminder to pack the water bottle, sport gels or jelly beans needed to get you through your activities.

We tend to think that overeating or drinking prior to an extended workout will make our stomach upset. The opposite is true. This is an especially important reminder for newbies. If you're going to be involved in activity for more than an hour, you will at least need water (particularly if it's warm).

It won't hurt to make sure you eat a good meal and properly hydrate several hours prior to extended activity.

Another key point to remember - use your training activities to experiment with the appropriate nutrition. You don't want to get to "race day" and try something new. Now THAT can lead to getting an upset stomach.

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