Monday, August 30, 2010

Probably Not What You Want To Hear About Fair Food

We're all adults here, so you can handle the bad news when delivered.

Hopefully, we're all not living in a fantasy world either. So, we know that when we visit our local county or state fair, the likelihood of finding anything healthy to eat is pretty low.

We're in the heart of "fair" season. Nobody enjoys the Iowa State Fair more than me, but I know I'm not likely to eat very healthfully when I visit our beloved state fair. In fact, after reading Martha Edwards article posted on, you may be surprised to learn just how unhealthy fair and carnival food can be.

In the end, most of us know that we go to the fair to have fun and enjoy ourselves. After all, we're not attending because it's a "health food" fair. However, knowing some of the consequences of eating these foods might keep us from "going overboard" or guide us in the direction of using a little restraint the next time we attend our favorite fair event.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Add Value To Your Walking Workouts

Looking to add a challenge to your walking workouts?

Look no further than Nicole Nichols recent post on DailySpark.

Walking is not for wimps. It's a great way to exercise if you're just getting started in a fitness routine or if you're recovering from an injury. It's also perfect as a recovery exercise on the day following a particularly long or intense workout.

Nichols has some great suggestions for making the walking workout more challenging. She discusses adding weights, hills and speed. She also suggests some "don'ts" as well.

Check out how to make your walking routines more productive next time out.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some New Cycle Workouts

Sometimes it's good to "shake things up" a bit.

I enjoy long rides on my bike, but cycling is just like running. If you want to get faster or be more productive aerobically, you have to stray away from the routine sometimes.

Gale Bernhardt posted a great article on offering some new cycling workout suggestions. Give these a try. One workout focuses on a variety of intervals and the other focuses on raising your heart rate to a certain level, recovering, then going back up.

These workouts should push you out of your comfort zone a bit. And that's a good thing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Little About "Lactate Threshold"

Something endurance athletes hear a lot is "lactate threshold". But what is it?

Gale Bernhardt writes about it in a post for The post is great because it outlines the varying workout intensity levels and energy outputs that contribute to this equation.

Take a look so the next time you hear one of your fitness instructors refer to "lactate threshold", you'll know what they mean.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Value What You Take For Granted

I wrote recently about fellow blogger Mark Zimmerman losing a friend.

If you read Blaine's post at Another Day, Another Run, you can read about how he mourned the loss of his earbuds "dying".

Losing a true friend is a true tragedy, but we get upset too when we lose a valuable tool or item that has helped keep up our momentum along the way. These posts underscore for me that we need to take more time to value the gifts we have in our lives. We take so many things for granted.

I recently "blew off" a run with some of my closest fitness friends. These are people who have supported one another through quite a bit of sorrow and joy. I need to learn not to "blow off" those opportunities and value all of the time that I have in life with these friends because they are special people.

So, when you get that text or phone call for a run or bike ride from one of your friends and you're tempted to decline, don't do it! Enjoy every moment we have together!

Drivers - Be Kind To Cyclists

Sometimes the way drivers treat us cyclists makes us feel pretty "second class".

We're honked at, tailed, cursed at -- all sorts of things. I even had a vehicle pull up next to me on a rural highway only to blast an air horn at me. I was amazed I didn't startle myself into the ditch nearby.

Be kind to us cyclists - we're just trying to be a little more fit. A recent post on the Frayed Laces blog lends a satirical perspective on this issue. Check it out.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't Take Friends For Granted

Fellow blogger Mark Zimmerman recently posted a thoughtful piece about losing a friend.

It's never fun to lose a friend or family member, particularly when it's unexpected. Mark's points here are well-taken. Take time to value the quality of friendship. You may be sorry later if you don't.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Race Even Marathoners Fear

The Chicago Marathon may have 40,000 participants. Not the San Francisco Marathon.

The San Francisco Marathon is lucky to get 7,000 runners. Such a great venue for a big race. So scenic. But there's a big difference between the Chicago Marathon and the San Francisco Marathon - hills!

Read why runners fear this race in Kevin Helliker's article published in the Wall Street Journal.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Avoid Dehydration, Heat Stroke

When it gets as hot as it does in August, we need to be careful with our outdoor workout activities.

Liz Sabo of USA Today writes about steps to take to avoid a trip to the emergency room with dehydration or heat stroke.

Always drink plenty of fluids, avoid direct sunlight whenever possible, wear light clothing, etc. -- things we know, but we often forget or ignore.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gadgets To Keep Yourself Cool

Here are some nifty gadgets for helping to keep yourself cool during summer exercise.

Laura Johannes of the Wall Street Journal profiles some cool (and some pricey) tools that you can use to lower your body temperature during these warmer months.

August usually means "hot" weather, so check out some of these items to see if they'll help keep you cool this summer.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Healthier Summer Travel

It's that time of year.

We're all off to various locations for a bit of rest and relaxation. You may be on a long vacation or traveling on a variety of shorter stays with friends and family. Along the road in these excursions, there are always temptations to eat bad things, miss safety precautions and avoid exercise.

Check out this post from Nancy Churnin at the Dallas Morning News. She really has the right idea for some tips to keep yourself healthy while enjoying your summer travel.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tips For Helping Your Energy

We can all use a little help boosting our energy level.

Check out this post from Maureen Connolly in Fitness magazine to learn a few ways to help put more zip back into your energy level.

Are you sleeping in on weekends? Do you not hydrate during workouts or not eat between meals? These are habits that could be affecting your level of energy. Learn strategies that will help you reverse the trend!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tri This For Inspiration

Every now and then we need a little inspiration.

I find a lot of inspiration from those who have suffered unfortunate setbacks, but still manage to accomplish important physical goals in life. This post chronicles the story of Paul Martin, an amputee who has competed in several Ironman events and holds the world's record for leg amputees.

Prepare to be inspired.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Head For The Hills

What do we all discuss as triathletes prior to the event? The hills!

We always seem to wonder how "bad" the hills are on a course. Then we're intimidated by them. Help is on the way.

Gale Bernhardt recently wrote a post on that will help you prepare for the hills on your next race course. Check it out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recent Article From Newsweek On Health

There is way too much information in this article about living healthy.

I don't have enough room here in my space to share the valuable information included in this recent article from Newsweek. This article appeared in the magazine late June, so if you missed it, you need to take a look.

This article features a number of great new pieces of information about living healthy today. Don't miss it or the accompanying sidebar information as it is great material.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mad? Go For A Run

Feeling mad? Go for a fun!

This advice from the blog of Christine Luff makes sense. Studies show that exercise can prevent stress and getting angry.

So, the next time you are angry at work, take to the streets for a run. Perhaps it will save you from getting into a job-threatening altercation with your boss!