Saturday, November 19, 2011

The People You Meet

One of the great benefits of engaging in fitness endeavors is meeting many great people.

Furthermore, the bonds you establish with the people you meet on the road to fitness are very strong. Even when I run into a "fitness friend" I haven't seen for weeks or months, we always seem to easily pick up right where we left off.

I experienced this recently following a triathlon event that I did without much group training. This summer got a little crazy and many of the folks I regularly train with or do events with -- well, we just didn't get together as often as we normally do. However, five of them poured out of a spin class at my gym a few days after the event, all with questions about how my race went. Every last one of them knew I had done the race and was genuinely interested in my performance. It was the perfect opportunity for long-needed catch up.

Andrea reports about similar experiences in her Go The Distance blog. Part of the joy of fitness truly is . . . the people you meet!

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Andrea Hill said...

Hi there - for some reason I never got a notification you'd linked to me - thanks!