Friday, April 20, 2012

How Many Races Should I Do?

As you plan for your race season, you often wonder, "How many races should I do?"

The answer to that question varies from person-to-person. Are you a beginner, a veteran? What type of shape are you in now; what type of a base do you have to work from?

Another factor I would share is this - how many races can you do without hurting yourself? Training takes its toll, so make sure you give yourself appropriate time to recover if you're going to be aggressive in the number of events in which you participate.

Are you participating in events for fun or a personal best? That will make a difference in the way you train.

Triathlon Coach Gale Bernhardt offers some additional advice on a variety of factors to consider as you plan out your events for the year. Many of these principles apply beyond triathlon events as well.

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