Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meeting Training Partners

It's always more fun to train with friends.

Training with others helps hold you accountable and makes training more enjoyable. But how do you find other training partners? And how do you find training partners at your level?

I won't kid you - you have to put yourself out there a bit and that may challenge your comfort zone. However, it will pay dividends!

If you're preparing for a race, most clubs have groups training groups that meet for a variety of events. Triathlon groups, as well as swimming, biking and running groups regularly gather at many clubs. This is probably the easiest way to meet folks who share your training goals.

Don't forget to participate in group classes at your local club. Or have you tried any of the classes your local parks and recreation department offer? This is another easy way to meet folks with like-minded goals.'s Triathlon Editor Michelle Valenti offers other tips on how you can meet up with new training partners. Trust me on this - this is a worthwhile effort as you will find the training partners you meet are often friends for life!

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