Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Health Care Approach

I have certainly had my doubts as to whether the new health care program will be everything it is meant to be, but a recent article I read made me think there is hope.

The Des Moines Register has been regularly reporting on a variety of aspects of the new plan.  One of their recent articles highlighted the story of a person that makes a point I've been arguing in this debate - if people take better care of themselves, doesn't go a long way toward helping to address many of the problems we currently have in our health care system?
Christina Fisher used to weigh 400 pounds, but she's more than 200 pounds by actively participating in fitness activities.  Using a health coach, she has become remarkably healthier.

I am hopeful the dialogue we're having in our country about health care alerts people to the personal choice they can make to improve their health on their own.

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