Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How To Fix A Flat

You are very afraid as you read this.

Imagine your worst fear (it's mine at least) as you're riding your bike. What is that fear? Of course, it's the fear of a flat tire!

The reality of this fear manifested itself for me on a trail about 25 miles from my home three years ago. Of course, I'm riding alone without a spare tube. NOT SMART! At least I've always had the sense to carry my mobile phone with me when I ride.

So, my point is - invest the small amount required for a flat repair kit and learn how to fix it. Youtube.com is loaded with instructional videos on how to fix a flat, but I thought this www.active.com piece featuring triathlete Dave Scott was great -- http://ow.ly/1oHJp.

Watching this video may save you from certain anguish from your significant other, if nothing else!

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