Friday, April 2, 2010

Let's Tackle Youth Obesity

Not a topic that people are overly excited to discuss, but it's so important.

Obesity is costing our beloved country an estimated $147 billion annually! This is becoming a very real public health threat, that if not addressed, will only grow and continue to drain in costs.

What is potentially a more dangerous aspect of this problem is how it affects our youth. If we're not teaching children the value of healthy eating and exercise, certainly these tendencies will likely carry through to adulthood.

Recently, posted some great news on this front with what some in the soft drink industry are doing to help stem the problem -

I was also encouraged by the recent coverage from Newsweek on this topic and how First Lady Michelle Obama is tackling it head on. Check it out -

Everyone has a role in being more responsible about this issue.


Joy R3FitShow said...

It can't be talked about enough! Did you see food revolution?

Coachhrd said...

No, share more about it!