Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kicking It Up With Kosama

One of my good workout friends was telling me about a new form of exercise that's sweeping the countryside. It's called Kosama.

My friend was so enamored with this program that combines yoga, core strengthening and kick boxing, she applied for a job to manage one of the new facilities opening in our community.

Check out this article from Patt Johnson of the Des Moines Register to learn more about this exciting new workout.

A variety of these types of fitness programs are creeping up everywhere. These are some great ways to get into shape. Use caution, however. Starting out in one of these intense programs without having prepared is an invitation to injury. Media hype, like that seen in "Biggest Loser" have led to these programs becoming very popular, so it's important not to allow yourself to go overboard.

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