Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Running A Marathon While Pregnant

Running a marathon while you're pregnant. Most women wouldn't make this connection. But Leah Newman would.

Leah is a good friend mine - as well as a dedicated mother and runner. After qualifying for Boston twice and not making the trip due to pregnancy -- twice. On the third time she qualified -- and was pregnant -- she decided to swing for the fences.

This article by Bryce Miller of the Des Moines Register profiles Leah's story.

Of course, this stirs quite a debate. Should you run a long distance while pregnant? Should you run a marathon while pregnant? Many women do. However, this is a very subjective decision. Most health experts agree you can run while pregnant without much risk IF you've been prior to your pregnancy.

You can take a look at these two posts and draw some of your own conclusions. This first one is from Jean Marie Butler at

The other is from

Either way, I'm proud of my friend Leah for pursuing her dream. I also know that she wouldn't have pursued it had she thought there was any risk involved.

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