Monday, November 8, 2010

Eating Local Usuallly Means Eating Healthy

I love this post about eating locally. We really should make an effort to support local food products.

Eating local usually means eating fresher, healthier food products and this is the point of this guest blogger post on Carrots and Cake.

I'm quite fortunate in that living in the heartland of the Midwest, I have many options for eating some great local food. It's this time of year where we often end our long Saturday runs at the Downtown Farmers Market so we can enjoy some locally-baked breads, locally-raised meats, locally-grown veggies and other great products.

Farmers markets are so popular now, they represent a great opportunity to sample local food from your area.

Check out this post so you can learn some other ideas for lending more support to local food products.

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Anne said...

I was just writing about the same thing. I love that your long run ends at a farmer's market. I just wish that eating local also meant eating for less. Fresh food gets expensive quickly for those on a tight budget (except maybe the Midwest?). But a $1 apple beats a 50-cent apple pie anytime.