Monday, December 15, 2008

Be Baseball-Ready With Gym Practices

It’s hard to think about baseball practice when it’s this cold and yucky out. Plus, basketball is “hot and heavy” this time of year.

However, you can keep fundamental baseball training skills sharp by squeezing a few baseball practices into the mix. This is where the gyms in your local school district can come in handy to help keep those skills polished for spring. Most indoor school gyms allow for drills in the areas of running, throwing and fielding. Many do not allow bats; however, some will allow you to use them with wiffle balls.

Contact your local school district about the availability of renting a gym for an hour or two. The cost is usually more reasonable than you think. In West Des Moines, the school district makes the process of gym reservations very easy. You can learn about gym availability by calling (515) 633-5000 or log onto the school district’s website at --

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