Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Running In The Cold Weather

Love the fall! The colors, the mild weather, football – it makes fall ALL GOOD for me.

However, if you’re like me and you do most of your training and running in the early morning hours, we have to make that transition to running in not only cool weather, but COLD weather. Living in Iowa, I get my share of cold weather preparation. Heck, we just got our first dose of snow this week!

Runner’s World has some great helpful tips about running in extreme elements. I’m providing a link to an article here about running in extreme weather -- http://tinyurl.com/5t26q3.

Additionally, Runner’s World has a great link that offers suggestions for attire to consider given specific weather variables -- http://tinyurl.com/35t5of.

Preparing for running in cold weather is such an individual situation. While many of the runners I regularly run with break out sweatpants in weather 45 degrees or below, I’m very comfortable in shorts well into 30-degree temperatures.

It’s important to “layer” your clothing and it’s also worth it to invest in “windproof” attire for those breezy runs. We get a lot of wind in Iowa!

Mittens or socks are effective for me toward keeping my hands warm. I use a very simple stocking cap to keep head and ears warm. Covering your head helps you retain body heat.

By dressing appropriately, I really believe you can still have many effective outdoor runs at least until the ice comes! I’ve also included a link here to an article from one of the featured coaches on Inside Nike Running as he offers some of the more pleasant insights to remember about running in the fall weather --

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