Monday, December 8, 2008

The Value Of Workout Buddies – Don’t Be Made Fun Of!

One of my good friends made fun of me the other day.

I mentioned that I had “slept in” for the morning and he quickly reminded me that he knew “I wasn’t running.” I had missed the group run that day. This can sometimes be a major sin.

While this type of banter is all in good fun, you can’t help but use it as a motivating factor in your training. Whenever you miss a run or workout, you absolutely know your peers will let you know about it. And they can be horribly creative about how they let you know “you missed.” I always hate the “group e-mail.”

Again, it’s all in good fun. But I take this feedback to heart and make sure to show up for my group fitness and training activities, particularly when you’ve made a specific date to run, bike, work out or whatever.

Make it a priority to do more training with your “workout buddies”. They won’t be shy about keeping you on track!

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