Monday, March 12, 2012

Start Small

The new year started out with a bang . . . as usual!

A new gym membership with that $39 per month special. Great diet you found on the web. Do these sound familiar? Are they now a distant memory?

It's interesting to see how the 5 p.m. crowd that made the lines long at each machine in the gym in the beginning of the year is now long gone.

Maybe it's time to take another look at those resolutions you set for the new year. Were you too aggressive perhaps? This post from offers great perspective on how you should start small with your new year's health-related goals.

Walking a few times per week or just doing some pushups and situps a few times per week are great ways to things started. Don't think you have to start by running a marathon or triathlon . . . just start small. And most importantly . . . get started!

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