Sunday, July 5, 2009

Check Out These New Workouts

As a follower of the "Total Wellness Blog", I'm always interested in some of the workouts prescribed by this blog's author, Yuri Elkaim.

I encourage you take a look at this site out as he posts some great information, particularly in the area of new workouts and exercises. If you're limited on time and equipment, check out his latest 20-minute stability ball workout --

Also, he recently posted some workout videos that offer some great new fitness routines --

He really does have some great content! If you’re finding yourself short on time or in search of “that new routine”, this is a great place to look.

I've been keeping up with posts pretty well here, but I have some travel that's making it harder to keep up. Thanks for being patient and keep checking back as I will be posting as often as I can!

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