Sunday, November 8, 2009

Concussions A Serious Threat To Youth Sports

Remember this – each of us has only one head, one brain. We need to take care.

We often don’t attach urgency to concussions, but we best start for the reasons stated above. While more precautions are taken to prevent head trauma, there is often still a rush to get youth athletes back on the field and this is serious stuff.

I’ll bet if you asked athletes like Troy Aikman and Steve Young if they would have chosen different routes given what they know now about the negative effects of concussions, you may get interesting answers. Which leads to the point of this post – if the professional athletic organizations like the NFL and MLB aren’t taking treatment of concussions more seriously, how can we expect youth programs to take proper care?

Remember young athletes need the appropriate time to heal from such injuries. Take a look at this post from Mark Hyman’s Youth Sports Parents blog at Mark’s book “Until It Hurts” outlines the issues associated with “pushing the envelope” in youth sports. Take a look and see for yourself.

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Kenley said...

Great Article. Enjoyed the info! As far as getting kids back out on the field I know what thats about. Like these soccer games. They are crazy. Who is playing, the kids or the parents. Too much!