Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Men, Check Out What You're Missing

Okay, so I lied.

I said I wouldn't post any more over this holiday week, but I couldn't help myself following attendance at yoga and water aerobic classes over the past couple of days.

Attention, men! You need to check out what you're missing in group fitness. At my yoga class Monday evening, there was only one other male in attendance beyond myself. In my "aqua-mix" water aerobics class yesterday morning, I was the only male in attendance.

Group fitness classes offer that diversity in your routine that can help keep you injury-free. While I really enjoy the relaxation of yoga an the variety of water aerobics, there are many different classes available through your local health clubs. Take a minute to check it out.

Guys, don't be afraid. Jump on in - the water is great.

Hope everyone enjoys some time off this week!

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