Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some New Workouts

I tried two things this week that I have never done in the past.

Monday night, I attended my first "hot yoga" class and Tuesday morning, I attended my first "aqua mix" (or water aerobics class). I very much enjoyed both.

Hot yoga is a form of yoga exercise where you do the routine in a room where the temperature has been highly elevated. We did our workout in a room Monday night that had been heated up to 104 degrees. This is not an easy workout. However, you will feel very relaxed and flexible at the conclusion of this routine. Remember, you'll sweat a lot, so bring a towel for your mat!

Aqua mix was also fun and different. Water aerobics are great for those folks on the mend from injury. You keep your heart rate elevated while you minimize impact on your body.

Okay, so you're thinking only women do these types of workouts - not true! More and more men are engaging in these types of activities. So, check out what you're missing and join the fun!

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