Saturday, December 11, 2010

Setting Goals

Reading the Frayed Laces blog recently made me think about the importance of goal setting in our training.

Admittedly the goal of becoming an "Ironman" by completing an Ironman triathlon event as illustrated in his Frayed Laces post is a little ambitious, but it serves to make the point. We can all be more focused and effective in our fitness activities if we work toward a goal. Whether it's losing a certain amount of weight, completing a 5K under a certain time or competing in a marathon -- we'll all be that much more committed if there's a plan in mind toward a specific accomplishment.

And yes, I do remember I just wrote about taking it easy and taking time to work out "just for fun". There really is a place for both. Sometimes we need goals to keep our training on track. But at other times, we need a break too.

Take time to evaluate what goals will be important to you as we work toward next spring/summer's event season.

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