Saturday, December 25, 2010

So You Didn't Reach Your Goal

If you're regularly participating in events, you'll be faced at some point with the grief of not reaching your goal.

This happened to a writer of the Mission to Another Marathon blog recently. She graciously accepted the hugs and high fives and moved on. What else can you do?

If there's anything I've learned in my fitness career - most events have an "annual" attached to their names. That means you can always return and try again. Or you can try another event at the same distance at the same time of year.

The most important issue is determining "what went wrong?" Educate yourself as to the steps you can take to improve.

Perhaps you need to change your goals. Check out this article from Runner's World to learn more about alternative goals for a successful race.

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Anne said...

This is really good advice as people set goals. If they are the same time goal or weight goal as last year or the year before, find out why you didn't hit it and make modifications in your lifestyle. Happy New Year, Coach!