Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Share Your Pre-Race Rituals

What are your pre-race rituals?

Do you have to have a certain food? Are you a coffee drinker? Are you checking to make sure your "lucky" race shirt is washed the night prior to the event?

Personally, I have to get that shot of coffee before every workout. It gives me a nice "wake up call". I also have a stretching routine I do prior to all events.

Check out Christine Luff's post on pre-race rituals. Also, take a minute to comment on this post and share yours with us.


marathonmaiden said...

i have to have pb and a banana in some form. but i'm a inexperienced racer so my pre-race rituals are evolving. but i did run a good race this weekend so maybe i'll stick with that :)

Coachhrd said...

Like I always say, "Go with what works!"