Monday, March 28, 2011

Families Need A Break From Gadgets

When we think of folks who are chained to their Blackberrys or other communications technology gadgets, we are usually thinking of the working dad or mom who is constantly "checking" and "pecking".

It's not just mom and dad though. Entire families are tethered to a variety of technological devices - whether it's an iPhone, laptop, computer game device or other gizmo, we're all guilty as charged.

I loved this article by Elizabeth Bernstein of the Wall Street Journal. It suggests how we can all benefit from a "tech detox". And why not?

Can't we all just turn our gadgets off for a half hour and take time to go on a walk, a jog, a bike ride or some other activity that would make for a healthier lifestyle together as a family? It doesn't sound as though it would be THAT difficult.

The next time each member of your family is glued to a screen, no matter how large or small, see if everyone would be willing to do something far more productive. And do it together as a family.

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