Friday, April 22, 2011

Intervals, Rock Climbing And A Recipe

This MarathonMaiden's blog had some useful information.

First, there's a great interval workout. It's fast, but you get the point. This is a reminder that it's getting to be time to think about more interval and tempo workouts as part of your routine. If you're training for an event this summer, this something to be considering.

Next, she discusses rock climbing. If you're looking for a great total body workout alternative, rock climbing is a blast. Try your hand on nearby rock climbing wall. Numerous workout facilities offer rock climbing walls as an option.

Finally, this post features a pretty awesome recipe for chocolate caramel saltines. Give it a shot.


marathonmaiden said...

thanks for the link! and: bahah. i just re-read that post. and remembered that i was soooooooo hungover for that run. and i remembered how good those....some type of bar....was. gotta make those again soon!

Coachhrd said...

Always need something a little different. Thanks!