Friday, September 12, 2008

Coaching And Bad Weather

It's an age-old question. It's been raining throughout the day and parents are wondering if that fateful e-mail will come from the coach that says, "Today's practice is cancelled."

A steady rain today reminded me of this topic and some issues for coaches and parents to consider.

Coaches – by all means, use common sense. If there’s lightening, there’s no question – practice is cancelled – period. No sense in jeapordizing anyone over one practice. (Take a look at the policies for camps conducted the U.S. Sports Institute -

Parents – understand that if there is no lightening, many coaches will proceed with practice despite rain because in most sports, games will not be postponed due to rain. Football and soccer are prime examples – I can’t remember how many football games where I have stood through steady rain without lightening. There was never discussion of postponing these games.

Baseball is really the only major sport where practices and games are postponed due to rain.

Another point for coaches to consider – snow and/or ice. If travel conditions are hazardous, again it’s probably best to err on the side of common sense and postpone or cancel the practice. One practice does not a great team make.

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