Monday, September 15, 2008

Physician/Runner's Medal Project Inspires

Sometimes it’s truly inspirational to learn about the extraordinary efforts of those in the running world who do things to make the world a better place. If you haven’t caught this month’s issue of Runner’s World, it’s worth reading about the efforts of Steven Isenberg, M.D.

After competing in the 2003 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon, Isenberg visited a colleague hospitalized with prostate cancer. He gave his ill friend his medal from the race indicating, “You are running a much more difficult marathon than the one I completed.” His friend so treasured the medal, Isenberg started Medals4Mettle, a non-profit organization that collects medals to give to those fighting serious illness. The effort has even attracted the medals of Olympic athlete Brian Sell for donation.

What an out-of-the box approach to bring comfort to those who are truly in need. Check out to see how you can donate a race medal. Medals4Mettle accepts medals from all events; however, they have to be earned from event finishers.

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