Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'll Miss Coaching My Son In Football

I’m not usually a SAD person, but I am this year.

This is the last year I will coach my oldest son, Jay, in football. I’m BUMMED! I will have a terrible time getting over this.

For the past five years, I’ve spent four to five days a week in the fall helping to coach my son’s football team. It’s been a great experience. Our head coach, Tait Hines, has been an absolutely phenomenal individual to serve.

We’re 42 days into this year’s practices, and our prospects are geared toward another successful season. But I’m really worried about how I will react to next year’s absence of the whistle around my neck or the clipboard at my side. I’m sure I’ll end up heading over to the field at Stilwell Junior High to see how the practices match up to the ones we’ve put together over the past five years.

I have great faith in our varsity football program at Valley High School. I hope the quality of the coaching my son will receive in the interim will match the passion he has received with the Packers’ coaches over the past five years.

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