Monday, September 29, 2008

Staying Motivated And On Track With Your Fitness Goals - Part II

Once I started thinking about this topic, it was easy to come up with more ideas!

This can be a tough situation to beat. I serve as a primary example. Case in point – no sooner then when I posted my last entry, I slept through the Bosu aerobics class that I was very excited to attend the other day.

So, here are few more hints on overcoming this problem –

Got an Ipod Yet?

When I was given my Ipod last year for my birthday, it offered a whole new lease on fitness activities. Having the ability to easily program your own music that inspires you really helps your motivation. It almost serves as a new and fun activity to build the next playlist of songs. I highly recommend the purchase of an Ipod if you don’t have one already. Invest in the attachment that logs your runs – it’s about $30. Trust me; you will be glad you did.


Take a look at other physical fitness activities. There’s running, biking, swimming, weightlifting, aerobics . . . the list goes on and on. I added weights to my routine about six years ago when I joined a health club. After I joined the club, I was inspired by other members that I befriended to try swimming, biking and aerobics classes. Next thing I knew, I was signing up to participate in triathlon events.

As we age, it’s important to vary our physical activities – particularly if you’re a runner. If you’re like me and many other 40-somethings, we just can’t put in the miles we used to.


I like to gloss over the Internet and other material that I find to give me new ideas about training. There’s a wealth of information throughout the web – just type in a topic on Google and off you go! There are also plenty of health-related magazines offering suggestions for alternate forms of training. Personally, I never miss an issue of Runner’s World. While this magazine focuses more on running, it provides a never-ending source of ideas for personal motivation, new training strategies and crosstraining ideas. is an excellent resource as well. Plus, if you’re looking for easy-to-follow training plans for any running race you desire to complete, it’s all available at I recently stumbled upon a blog written by Christina Luff -- Visit her site and you’ll find she has some great training plans along with some valuable advice about crosstraining.

Try a Change in Scenery
Try a new running or biking route. Here again, it’s all too easy to fall into the rut of consistently doing the same routes over and over again. If you’re swimming, have you tried an “open water” swim at a local recreational area? We fortunately have one near my workplace and a quick, half-hour swim in this scenic venue is great stress relief on a hot, sunny workday.

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