Monday, September 22, 2008

Wanting To Be More Competitive In Your Training? Try A 5K

Looking to take your training to another level? A 5K race is very attainable for anyone who has spent a few months in training. Plus, competing in a race will offer you a benchmark from which you can work toward improvement.

There are numerous training programs for 5K. Try Runner’s World at,7123,s6-238-244-259-0,00.html. Hal Higdon has some great programs at Very easy to follow. Many of them won’t require a huge bite out of your busy schedule.

If you’ve been doing middle distance running for a while and are seeking a personal best time in a 5K, there’s a program to consider at

You may find training for a race is a good time to add some crosstraining. Many plans offer days for crosstraining or rest where another activity like swimming, biking or walking can be inserted.

If you’re truly feeling like an overachiever and have extra time, you can add a few weight training sessions per week into your routine. has a variety of strength training programs for runners at Finally, look to select the right 5K event. The most complete event schedule for the state of Iowa and beyond resides at

Find that 5K event, train and good luck!

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