Monday, October 20, 2008

How To Buy A New Pair Of Running Shoes

Well, just how exciting can it be to buy a new pair of shoes?

Call me one of the weirdos who loves to purchase new running shoes. I’m like Imelda Marcos when it comes to buying new running shoes. I LOVE to buy them!

All kidding aside, a good pair of running shoes is one of the most important keys to taking up a successful, injury-free running program. One estimate says each of your feet may hit the ground 800 times during the course of running a mile That’s a lot of pounding, making the process of buying running shoes more critical.

First, you need to identify whether or not you suffer from overpronation. Check out this information on Wikipedia and you can test yourself to find out -- When you visit the store, you will want to be prepared to inform the associate as to whether or not you suffer from overpronation or any other conditions that might affect your shoe purchase.

Where do you go? I prefer the local fitness store that features knowledgeable, helpful staff. Nothing against the “big box” stores, but the local stores tend to have more experienced staff and are more “in-tune” to the local running community. In the Des Moines area, without exception, this store is Fitness Sports -- The staff at Fitness Sports will take the time to show and fit a wide variety of shoes until you are satisfied.

Taking time choose a new pair running shoes wisely will pay off in the long run. Be prepared to spend $100 or more on a quality pair of shoes. If you’d like to be more educated about shoes currently available before you visit the store, check out Runner’s World’s product reviews by clicking the “shoes and gear” link at There’s more information about purchasing the right pair of shoes for you, including a “shoe finder” tool.

Finally, literally by coincidence, Christine Luff just posted an entry about the purchase of running shoes on her blog. It has some very helpful information about this issue, particularly addressing the question of how to purchase the best shoes for certain conditions runners may have. Check it out --
Now go forth and buy new pair of shoes!

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