Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Speed. Speed. Speed!

Everyone wants to get faster. But you can't teach speed!

As you reach an older age, it gets tougher to increase your speed. However, there are ways to overcome this burden. Consider the following options –

Incorporate intervals into your training. Regularly running intervals at accelerated paces will definitely make you faster. If you’re training for a specific event, look for intermediate and advanced race plans that incorporate the use of intervals at varying distances and speeds.

Tempo runs and fartleks. Build these runs into your training. It’s easy to determine a period of time where you can make the early and later part o f the run easier, but harder during the middle with the tempo run. Fartleks help you make parts of the run faster and faster – simply speed up your pace for a predetermined amount of time at varying points of your run.

Use a treadmill. Running outside can’t duplicate the treadmill. But use the treadmill to “keep you honest” on intervals and tempo runs when appropriate. Here’s an article I found from Christine Luft that offers helpful tips for running on a treadmill -- http://running.about.com/od/treadmillrunning/tp/treadmillrunningtips.htm

Run with someone who is fast. Consider training with someone who will “push” you faster. I recently did some training runs and an ensuing race with some of my health club friends who I knew would help push me. The result was a personal best in a half marathon event!

Hopefully, these quick tips will get you pointed in the right direction on getting faster!

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