Saturday, October 18, 2008

Take Advantage Of Programs At Big Race Events

Imagine having the opportunity to give a big presentation or speech as part of your city’s big marathon expo. What an honor! But come time for the big gig, only four people show up.

I felt terribly bad for a recent presenter at the Des Moines Marathon’s expo where this happened. I won’t mention the name of the presenter, but from personal experience, I know this person is extremely knowledgeable and had tremendous insight to share.

We runners sometimes overlook the valuable opportunities big race event expos provide. We get so caught up in training and “race day” itself, we forget about the educational opportunities available through local and national experts scheduled to make presentations at these events.

Using the Des Moines Marathon as an example, race director Chris Burch has done an outstanding job of bringing provocative content to this race expo. To Burch’s credit, the Des Moines Marathon was essentially defunct when he took over the reigns a few years back. This year, the marathon expo featured programs with Marianne McGinnis, Prevention magazine's west coast editor; Jon Dunham, director of the popular film “Spirit of the Marathon” and some great local speakers

I know I need to do a better job of taking advantage of these opportunities myself, but I thought this reminder would serve as inspiration to others as well.

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Sara said...

Very well said, Joe. I agree. I will look at those presentations differently now. rocked in the DSM half! Way to go!