Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Checking Out A New Gym

Spring is always a good time to be “gym shopping”.

Practically speaking, many gym veterans are starting to make their way toward activities outdoors. That means, there’s more space available for you to get started at a new health club. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of better fitness in a less intimidating environment and follow up on some of the spring specials gyms may be offering.

First, DO NOT pay the initiation fee. If the staff tells you there is an initiation fee, say “no dice”, because there’s always a club willing to waive the fee (particularly if you’re willing to commit to a multi-month agreement).

Take tours of several local health clubs. Check out the equipment, the hours, the staff and the classes. Do they have equipment you want to use based on your plans for fitness activities? Is the staff courteous? Will the hours be fitting to your schedule? Do the classes help to meet your fitness goals? I personally believe group fitness classes are important because they serve as a great way to meet fellow “workout buddies” who will help keep you accountable toward your fitness goals.

Compare fees and take into consideration the location as you weigh this factor out. Is the location convenient to your home or workplace? Maybe most important – are the facilities clean? If the club is charging more, it had better make a clean presentation!

These are just a few considerations to keep mind in seeking the right health club. Here are a couple of other aids. The following post from Barbara Russi Sarnataro on offers more helpful hints on looking for a gym at -- Additionally, here’s a link to which will help you find gym locations throughout the country.

Happy health club shopping!

I’m going to take a brief break from posting through the early days of next week. We have a BIG and LONG weekend planned with a baseball tournament and a school play for my youngest son, Matthew. He is playing the role of Baloo in “The Jungle Book” – what fun! All grandparents will be on deck as well as other family and friends for a long weekend. See you soon!

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Mark said...

Hope it's a great weekend, Let us know how it goes. Good luck in the tourney, tell your son in the play to "break a leg"