Monday, April 27, 2009

Meeting Lolo Jones

Unexpectedly, I had the opportunity to meet Olympic track star Lolo Jones last week.

This hometown hero seemed to have the perfect spot in an ad we were producing for an upcoming promotion where I work. In town for the Drake Relays this past weekend, the timing was optimal.

This young woman’s story from last year’s Olympic games is nothing short of inspiring. Within certain grasp of a gold medal, she fell at the very end of the 100-yard hurdles event and all was lost. But her “never quit” attitude dictated handling the tragedy with nothing short of all the class in the world. In loss, she is respected as a winner!

Truly one of my running idols, this was one of those rare opportunities to meet someone you think you’ll never have the chance to meet. She graciously signed autographs and took photos with "fans" who were present.

Unfortunately, she suffered an injury in her event two days ago at the Drake Relays. My gut tells me she’ll survive and be back to win another day!


LKW said...

Cool. I saw Lolo this Summer at the games on TV and thought she has the makings of a star. Unbelievable talent, pretty, and with a great background story to boot. I am a fan.

Anonymous said...

What a cool opportunity!