Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Keep Children Active This Summer

If you have teens/tweens staying home this summer, it’s a challenge keeping them busy. Why not look into summer fitness?

Megan K. Scott of the Associated Press recently wrote of the issues associated with keeping “stay-at-home” teens occupied when school lets out insert -- http://tinyurl.com/pd5col. Certainly, there are a variety of program-type options available through camps, classes or part-time employment. But don’t forget summer fitness.

If your teen is active in a sport, maintaining fitness in the summer months can be invaluable. Staying in shape while school is out will definitely offer an “edge” in fall athletic endeavors.

If you belong to a health club, chances are teen fitness programs are available. All you have to do is ask. Most YMCAs have a variety of youth fitness programs for all skill levels. Check with your teens’ school coaches to see if they recommend any programs.

Another option is taking a lifesaving course. If your child is a swimmer and interested in pursuing employment as a lifeguard, this is a perfect summer-time activity found at most YMCAs.

Don’t forget about involving your child in some of your own fitness activities. This sets a great example leading toward fitness being a priority in their lives and it will help them with their own athletic pursuits. Summer is a great time to set these activities in motion.

Check out http://www.tweenparent.com/ for more ideas about keeping your children productively busy this summer!

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TriGirl 40 Something said...

I was not athletic at all growing up - but I was active. Playing stoop ball, riding my bike, swimming in the town pool. I find it sad that today's kids often don't have that opportunity to just play outside anymore. And I wonder how much the change in culture had contributed to the higher obesity levels.