Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taking Care AFTER The Workout

Many of us think when our workout is complete, we’re done, finished, adios! Not the case.

Are you taking time to care for your body after your workout? Think of it this way – when you work out, you tear your body down in a variety of ways. Several steps should be taken to allow your body to recover and ultimately come back stronger and faster.

Ask yourself the following questions --

Are you cooling down? Take time finish your workout with walking or light pace of the exercise you were doing. Most importantly, this brings your heart rate back down to a manageable rate.

Are you hydrating? This is a recovery tool you nee DURING the workout too, particularly if you’re engaged in a cardio workout lasting more than an hour. Your body needs water during and after your workout to keep you on pace!

Are you fueling back up? Take time to feed your body with the carbohydrates and proteins it needs following a healthy workout. Fruit, yogurt, oatmeal or a healthy recovery bar are great sources of help in this area.

Did you stretch? Make sure to stretch AFTER the workout too. This helps prevent muscles and joints from getting tight to a point where injuries can and will occur (especially if you’re over the age of 35).

This post at 24hrfitness.co.uk helps put these activities into perspective -- http://tinyurl.com/cmr35z.

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Mark said...

Good stuff Coach! I always get a lot out of your posts! Thanks