Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spinning Is Great For Biking

So let’s assume for a minute you want to get into biking. There’s a great indoor exercise that can get you started – spinning.

Spinning is the new “stationary bike” exercise. An instructor leads a class of “spinners” with multiple stationary bikes doing a variety of exercises on the bikes. You can do fast pace sprints, hills and other types of tempo routines based on how you set the resistance level. The classes are usually set to music and sometimes visual enhancements.

The best part of spinning, or biking for that matter, is that it is a low-impact cardio exercise with a level of intensity that suits your needs. It serves as a great cross-training activity if you’re a runner. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re just getting into biking, this is a great way to check it out prior to investing a lot in a bike.

If you’re an experienced biker who hasn’t experienced spinning, check it out as an alternative on days when weather or schedule conflicts prevent an outdoor ride. Check out this post from Liz Neporent and Nancy Chiocchi from iVillage at

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Wes said...

Great idea on the spinning. I (my family) just joined a gym this week, and I've already been eyeballing the spin classes. Our gym even has a periodization schedule that tells when the class will do hill workouts, endurance rides, and intervals. Can't wait to check them out....