Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Short, High-Intensity Swim Workout

One of my training friends made me laugh out loud today. She suggested a short, high-intensity swim workout that sounded really good for later this week. But there was a familiar ring to it that I couldn’t ignore.

Sure enough, I had read about the same exact workout just a day ago in website. It goes like this --

800 TT (i.e. time trial, or 100-percent effort)
200 easy/recovery
200 TT
200 easy/recovery
100 TT
Simple, but it gets you going!

Here's a link to the article where I read about this workout out from Matt Fitzgerald of Triathlete magazine -- This website is perhaps the most comprehensive Internet resource I have seen on triathlon training. While a lot of information exists about triathlon training, it's still not as prevalent as information about training for other endeavors. Spend some time on this site and you’re likely to find some great training tips just like this one!

Taking a minute for a personal plug, I’m writing a lot about triathlon training as this is my current focus. I started training for the Hy-Vee Triathlon back in January and I’m excited about how my program has progressed. If you’re considering an Olympic triathlon in the Midwest this year, I highly recommend the Hy-Vee event. The folks there really know how to do it right. You have to believe it will be a great event when the chief executive of the company competes! Take a look at

I’ll try to get another post in this week, but I’m traveling a lot late into the weekend for a baseball tournament with my sons. Otherwise, have a great holiday weekend!

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Mark said...

Good luck this weekend, let us know how your team does.