Sunday, December 20, 2009

Using Kettlebells

I hope I don't sound repetitious, but I've recently found a number of follow-ups to previous posts. And this one is no exception!

Recently, I wrote about a New York chef who regularly uses kettlebells in her fitness routines. Well, Kara at the Between The Miles blog posted some great follow up information on the use of kettleballs in exercise. Check it out at

This post includes a link to some YouTube workout demonstrations and some interesting comments. And who can resist the seasonality of kettlebells . . . it's the holidays . . . bells ringing . . . get it?

Actually, I share this primarily because I've had a number of workout friends comment to me that they would like to see us obtain kettlebells in our club. I'm hopeful we'll be able to work that out!


kara said...

Kettlebells are a great challenge for the body. Balance and strength.
A first place core workout!
I highly recommend checking them out!
Happy Holidays : )

Sandy Sommer, RKC said...

Kettlebells are a wonderful tool; one of many tools useful to help people realize their best body. It's too bad that so many folks miss out on the chance to use them safely. Done safely and well they may be the best tool for general physical preparedness.

Diana said...

I've used kettlebells for the last 2 years. Have recently gotten my HKC and next year I go for the RKC....I agree 100% with Sandy's comment. They are the best tool to achieve the best physical and mental self. They do need to be trained safely and correctly to gain the most bang for your buck. Too bad people choose a useless "24 hour" gym over the best tool there is!
Happy Holidays!