Thursday, December 24, 2009

Water In The Winter

So are you like a recent acquaintance of mine?

You're thinking about doing a triathlon. However, you're not sure how to start with training to swim. The good news is that if you have access to an indoor pool, the winter is a great time to bone up on your swimming.

For many people contemplating a triathlon, the swim is the most "bitter pill to swallow". Yet, I know some people - like the gentleman I was visiting with the other day - who swam competitively in high school and/or college and thought that may be the easiest component to adapt to.

If you're in the camp of where you think you can draw upon past experience to get you started on your swim training, this post is for you. Check out this swim plan for "newbie" aspiring triathletes at This piece by Gale Bernhardt is perhaps just right for someone who has some swimming experience, but is new to triathlon training.
I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! I'm going to enjoy mine by taking a few days off from posting. Happy Holidays!

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