Friday, March 5, 2010

Discover You're Next Running Route

You never know just where you may end up running next. It's true.

The source of your next exciting running route may be just around the corner . . . but you don't know it yet.

I found this post on Another Day, Another Run to be a great example of how we can find new ways to change up our running routes - The author identifies a new route through a simple visit to the dentist with his children.

I've written in the past how easily we can get into our "ruts". I think this story illustrates how easy it can be to find a new running route or two to try out.

Spring is just around the corner, folks. I promise. So keep your eyes and ears open!


Sherri said...

Finding a new route should be easy...I just have to get off the treadmill..and I am ready!!!

Coachhrd said...

Amen! I think a LOT of people are.