Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What We Watch Should Motivate Us

Let's have a show of hands - who wasn't motivated by the recent Winter Olympics?

How could you not join Lindsey Vonn in tears following her first downhill run? Or how can you not be awed by the unbelievable risks to which some of these athletes are exposed?

When I see these images, I get MOTIVATED, man! Seeing those athletes on the podium receiving their medals is the public equivalent of recognizing them as "the best in the world" at what they do. And that makes me want to go out and run or ride or something!

Take time to watch these types of events. With the winter blahs still plaguing us, it's the perfect way to put a little motivation in your life. Watching Bernard Lagat at the recent Millrose Games or Meg Kebflezighi at last year's New York City Marathon were additional motivating forces for me. It's something to keep the blood flowing until we can safely get outdoors again!

For some of you, perhaps a movie is in order. If watching the film, "Miracle" doesn't make you want to try something, then you should check your pulse.

The folks at recently asked readers to "tweet" about their motivating Winter Olympic experiences. Check it out -


ShutUpandRun said...

I just watched Running on the Sun. Quite the motivator. I agree with you about the Olympics - how can you watch and not get inspired?

Anonymous said...

nice to know you ~........................................