Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finding The Right Shoes

One of my friends who’s recently lost quite a bit of weight taking up a regular schedule of dieting, running and working out asked me about some tips for purchasing the “right” equipment.

It’s not too hard to find the right clothing to wear for the right situation. In my friend’s case, he was competing in his first 10K that called for some inclement weather. However, shoes are a different story. Your shoes are the most critical item you need in many fitness endeavors. Not having the correct shoe in the correct situation could cause numerous problems, including injury.

Take some time to appropriately shop for the right athletic shoe based on the activities you’re taking up. Whether you’re running, walking, biking, hiking or whatever; take some time to do your homework and be ready to easily spend in excess of $100 for a quality pair of shoes.

Here are a few tips –

Nothing against “big box” stores, but smaller stores with local ownership tend to have more expertise on staff to give you the time and advice you need to make your purchase. This is especially true if you’re a first-time buyer.

Visit the web sites of the various shoe companies. Most of them make the shoe shopping experience quite fun online. You’re probably not going to get the best price if you choose to purchase this way, but you’ll learn a lot.

Check out to see if they have a rating for a particular shoe that you like. The folks at Runner’s World are pretty thorough in their shoe research.

Here’s an article by Sue Grossbauer on that offers more great supporting help on purchasing the right athletic shoes --

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