Saturday, September 18, 2010

Break Through Your Running Slump

It's late summer . . . any maybe you're just a little tired and worn down.

We're still experiencing those days where it can be very warm and humid, so by this time of year, we can get a little bored from the routine. Read Christine Luff's post on how to break out of the "funk".

It's funny how a purchase of new running gear or trying a new cross-training activity to break things up can make a difference.

Additionally, there are so many great fall racing events. Jump online to find an event to enter. Once you've paid your entry fee to an event, you usually feel rejuvenated toward a new training program committed to that event.

Don't let the "late summer blues" bring your running game down.

1 comment:

lindsay said...

hmm retail therapy... haha. i *do* need new shoes...