Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beat The Heat In Practice

It's that time of year again. You're getting started with fall sports and you're ready to practice soccer, football or whatever the sport may be.

The problem dynamic here is that you're practicing for fall sports while the weather still says summer. So make sure to take some precautionary measures in your early days of practice until cooler days prevail --

Send a communication to parents advising them to send their children to practice with light clothing and a big water bottle.

Bring water! Don't assume the kids will bring their own.

Take frequent breaks.

If it's particularly hot, don't be afraid to ice water down some towels.

Learn signs for heat exhaustion. Click here for a post from Elizabeth Quinn on on heat exhaustion. This article includes a variety of other helpful links and tips for conducting safer practices in the heat.

Have a mobile phone handy along with a list of mobile phone numbers for parents (Remember to collect those number prior to practice starting).

Follow these simple rules and you'll feel safer about your practices in hot weather.

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