Thursday, May 31, 2012

Alternative Workouts Pay Off . . . Even For Big-Time Athletes

I'll bet you have heard of Dwayne Wade.

In case you haven't, he's one of the NBA's biggest stars. As a star for one of the NBA teams favored to "win it all", the Miami Heat, Wade struggles with the same issues many of us weekend warriors face - the risk of nagging injuries.

Mr. Wade has had his share. Just recently, he's struggled with a strained calf and a sprained ankle. The big difference between him and us is that he's paid millions of dollars to keep himself healthy. However, his efforts to keep himself injury-free shouldn't differ that much from ours.

In this article from the Wall Street Journal, Wade discusses in detail how he uses pilates, yoga and massage to shoo away the injury bug. It's an interesting read and there isn't anything here that any of us couldn't be doing. These activities will keep us healthy and make us stronger.

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