Saturday, May 12, 2012

Your Event Calendar?

Have you filled out your calendar with some fitness events this year?

The Carrots 'N' Cake blog girl has! Check out the impressive list of races she's planning to do this year.

We all don't have to rush out and sign up for a bunch of races and triathlons. However, I do believe you're more committed to your fitness efforts if you take them up with a specific goal in mind.

I wouldn't suggest setting your sights on a marathon or some other event that may be totally out of your reach. If you think a 5K is within your reach, then pick one out this summer and work toward it. If you've done some 10Ks and maybe a half marathon or two, then pick out a marathon to do this fall.

A few weeks ago, we discussed how many races one should set out to do over the course of the year. Don't overd it. Set goals to participate in events this year that you believe you can reasonably finish.

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