Tuesday, May 29, 2012

GU Or No GU?

People new and old to fitness endurance events are always questioning the best race day nutrition products.

Much has been published about what works and what doesn't work, but the best advice is to experiment prior to race day so you're comfortable and confident about what you choose to use.

Gels (or GU as it they are often called based on the popular brand) are probably used most often. They are compact and easy to digest. Jelly beans, gummy bears and other soft, chewy candies suffice. There are some folks who opt for the Hostess Frosted Honey Bun because of its optimal mix of carbs and other vital ingredients. That's a little much for my digestive system and it's not easy to carr, but whatever works for you is great. Beware of chewy candy products that are too hard to chew.

Sometimes water and/or Gatorade may suffice.

The everymantri.com folks just did a post that made me think about this topic. The author, triathlete Ryan Falkenrath, warns not to assume that GU gels are the best recipe just because a big event enlists them as a sponsor. That's sage advice.

The most important thing to remember is that if you're running in anything that will force you to exert energy for an hour or more, you'd better be prepared to replenish your body with vital carbohydrates and proteins. Given that, experiment with some items so you're feeling good, not sick, on your race day.

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