Friday, November 7, 2008

Avoiding Raceday Mistakes – Part II

You can literally find a distance race in some prominent destination on every weekend of the year and then some. With the power of the Internet, it’s fairly easy to find race suitable to your goals in a destination that’s manageable to reach.

So, if you’ve found that “dream race” you want to do, let’s first make sure we don’t stumble before the starter fires the gun.

Have you done any training homework? If you’re thinking about doing a marathon, I highly recommend you read Hal Higdon’s Marathon – The Ultimate Training Guide before making any expensive registrations or travel plans. This book is the most complete reference for learning all of the issues attached to competing in distance races. Log on to to learn more.

Have you identified a training plan? There are so many plans available via the Internet, take advantage of the experience and expertise available from the world community of distance running. Most of it is FREE!

Have you trained yourself to go to the bathroom? This may sound silly, but you don’t want to be hampered by this issue while you’re competing in a half marathon or marathon. Train yourself to go to the bathroom at favorable times through your training.

Have you considered how you’re going to hydrate and feed yourself during the race? Many beginners don’t realize your body needs to replenish some vital elements during the course of a distance run. You’ll need to hydrate during the course of the race and you may need some instant carbohydrates. Jelly beans and gels are easy to transport and digest during the race. Various brands are available at your favorite fitness store. Try them out before the big day.

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Sara said...

Hal's book was my Bible when I was training for Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN. Great endorsement!