Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter Exercise Routines – Part I

It’s getting cold outside – sometimes really cold!!!

Particularly if you live in Iowa. And if it’s cold outside, most of us don’t like to take our training and fitness activities outside to the cold.

Don’t despair. Treat this as an opportunity to add some variety to your fitness routine.

I must admit before writing further that my inspiration for this entry came from This is a GREAT online community for learning about new fitness ideas. Just log on and it will become addicting if you like to discuss fitness. It’s truly a great reference.

So, looking for a new way to keep in shape while it’s cold? Have you joined a health club? January is the best time to join one because they are all offering discounts to entice those looking to meet their “New Year’s resolutions.” Joining a health club will offer you a wide variety of cardio and weight training activities.

What about hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions? Personal trainers are great for bringing new training exercises to your routine. Most health clubs have good personal trainers on staff available. Check out this eHow article about how to start the process of hiring a personal trainer --

Have you ever done a group fitness class? After you join your new fitness club, ask about what group fitness activities might be right for you.

These are just a few ideas to consider if you’re more comfortable leaving home to work out. In my next entry, I’ll discuss fitness activities you can do if you prefer not to leave your home.

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Daniel J. Watkins said...

Great tips Joe -- our gym even offers free baby-sitting for members. Our kids actually enjoy going to "stay and play." :) (Well...okay...our 8 year old is a little "over" it...but our 5 and 4 year olds like it!)